If you’d love carpet that’s both the height of technology and profoundly beauty as well, look no further than SmartStrand carpet from Mohawk rugs. Bar none one of the best carpets on the market, SmartStrand has permanent stain resistance built into every single strand. It’s also exceptionally durable so it will last in your home a good long time and it’s even a very eco friendly carpet to boot.

Since Mohawk SmartStrand offers you the trifecta of being extraordinarily clean, exceptionally durable, and environmentally friendly, let’s delve a little deeper into each.

The doggone easiest to clean carpet on the planet.

A true miracle of modern engineering, SmartStrand carpet has permanent soil and stain protection that won’t ever wash or wear out. It also features a proprietary NanolocTM spill shield that makes it three times easier to clean than ordinary carpet according to independent vacuuming tests.

This high quality carpet also provides a 0% absorption rate. Which is key if you have a tiny tot or a pooch who tends to slobber a lot. In fact, Mohawk even puts its money where you dog’s mouth is. It uniquely brings you a pet warranty that covers all pets and all accidents, all the time.

Combined, it’s easy to see why Mohawk SmartStrand is considered by many to be the best carpet choice for busy families and the best carpet for dogs.

Go ahead and crawl all over this decidedly durable carpet.

If you happen to have worries about wear and tear, don’t. SmartStrand can stand up to just about anything you and your family can throw at it. And the battery of tests that Mohawk rugs has put it through over the years to demonstrate that fact are well-documented.

SmartStrand carpet survived two weeks in the zoo habitat of a 2.7 ton rhino. It held up under the finish lines of oh-so-messy Tough Mudder races all across the country. And it “loved” to be the red carpet that 20,000 fans walked on at a major tennis tournament.

So if you’re game for the most durable carpet around, SmartStrand could very well be it.

A carpet that’s also extremely green. Even if it happens to be brown.

If you’re starting to think this is really cool carpet, you’re totally right. Because SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet is also manufactured in part from annual, renewable plant-based ingredients. Not only does this help consume less energy, it allows for fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Which is why SmartStand carpet contributes not only to a clean home but also to a cleaner planet.

So come see and feel this amazing product for yourself right around the corner at Carpet Exchange. Without a doubt, it’s a smart move.