The Shaw Pet Perfect Collection features durable, easy-to-clean carpets designed with pets in mind. This high-performance carpet is backed by a 20-year warranty and offers lifeguard spill-proof technology, R2X built-in stain protection, and is household cleaner friendly. Pet Perfect's innovative Anso High Performance fibers easily release pet hair during vacuuming, keeping your carpet looking fresh longer.

  1. Refined Chic
    11 Colors Available
  2. Expertise
    12 Colors Available
  3. Hard At Play I
    28 Colors Available
  4. Serene Stria
    12 Colors Available
  5. Quiet Trail
    15 Colors Available
  6. Carte Blanche
    15 Colors Available
  7. Grand Lake
    12 Colors Available
  8. Positively Radiant I
    24 Colors Available