Majestic Elegance
Majestic Elegance

Majestic Elegance

Majestic Elegance
$1.33 / sq. ft.
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Description The Lexmark R3028 Majestic Elegance Basket Beige Collection features a patterned beige carpet with a high gauge construction and LexShield Plus protection. It's crafted from 100% Solution Dyed Primus® PET LexSoft Continuous Filament with non-fuzzing Fiber. Pattern Repeat: .90" X 1.5"
SKU Majestic Elegance
Brand Lexmark
Price Box $1.55 / square foot
Pricing Value Details $1.55 / square foot
Pricing Details Per Square Foot pricing is based on the area of a flat surface. Length x Width = Sq. Ft. This carpet is available in a 12 foot width. Calculate the Length x 12 ft to find the sq ft needed.
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