Angora Classic II
Angora Classic II Angora Classic II

Angora Classic II

Angora Classic II
$3.33 / sq. ft.
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Description Designed with versatile neutral colors, the Shaw CCS82 Angora Classic II Raw Sugar Collection features a textured nylon carpet with fleck accents. It's dense, comfortable, and has a Softbac Platinum backing. It comes with a 20 year warranty, making it the perfect choice for your home.
SKU Angora Classic II
Color Swatches RAW SUGAR
Price $0.00
Brand Shaw
Price Box $3.33 / square foot
Pricing Value Details $3.33 / square foot
Pricing Details Per Square Foot pricing is based on the area of a flat surface. Length x Width = Sq. Ft. This carpet is available in a 12 foot width. Calculate the Length x 12 ft to find the sq ft needed.
In Store Pickup No
Carpet Warranty Shaw 20 Year Warranty